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» Tuesday, November 15, 2011




The long-awaited third update volume to the Toybox project has now finally arrived with us, and it's a stonker! The book was delayed due to the sheer amount of work needed to pull something like 1500 items together over the 4 year period that the volume covers, and then to get it all laid out with photographs and information, plus some additional interviews and articles which will hopefully be of interest to readers.

The final book has come in at 448 pages and so is a massive tome, and it's also in full colour throughout! Unfortunately this means that the price has had to rise to £25.99 for the book, but everyone who has pre-ordered it will get it at the price they paid - no further payments are required. One of the benefits of pre-ordering from Telos direct is that if the price has to rise on publication, then we never ask for more money from you.

David J Howe and Arnold T Blumberg present the definitive collector's guide to Doctor Who merchandise. From the rare and obscure to the commonplace and disposable, every facet of Doctor Who's penetration into the marketplace is detailed.

This volume documents all the items released over 2006 and 2009, when Doctor Who cemented its position as one of the top-rated drama series in the UK, and the merchandising went into overdrive. More items were produced and released in this period than at any other point in the series' history. Also contained within is a feature on the development of the Doctor Who Pinball, an interview with the man behind the pop group Mankind, and an interview with WETA on their range of collectibles. Howe's Transcendental Toybox is both a fascinating tour through the many ways that Doctor Who has been presented in merchandise and an entertaining guide to the world of Doctor Who collecting.

* Product descriptions *
* Illustrated in full colour throughout *
* Includes articles and features *
* Worldwide coverage *

Ordering is available here: http://www.telos.me.uk/category.php?id=2#59

This is probably going to be the last paper volume that Telos will be publishing of the Toybox. The reason? Purely that it takes such a long time to pull everything together, and there is at the moment so much being published and released that it's hard to keep on top of it all! However, there is now an online and constantly updated version of the Toybox. It can be found at http://www.howestoybox.co.uk, and as well as having a search function, details of just about everything ever released ever to do with Doctor Who, and photographs being added to try and bring it all as up to date as it can be, you can also suggest changes and corrections, and add new items and photographs yourselves. So please have a look.




Unfortunately there is a continued delay on Hunted and the title has now had to be put back to February 2012. Apologies to everyone who has been waiting for this guide to the first three seasons of the show.



The following title is now available as a digital edition:

HUMPTY'S BONES: an acclaimed horror novella by Simon Clark, which won the Best Novella award in the British Fantasy Awards this year. http://www.telos.me.uk/category.php?id=3#34
You can also watch David and Simon launching the book at the World Horror Convention in 2010 on YouTube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pn7tKAgrCq8

Hellnotes had this to say about the book: 'Simon Clark is a writer who knows how to convey mood and employ moody characterization. Humpty’s Bones has a restrained reference to the Humpty Dumpty rhyme; it addresses the concept of attempting to put things “together again:” Not simply by assembling and understanding some long unearthed bones, but also concerning learning to adapt to unusual relationships. The possibilities are vast and yet intimate. This is a rare find indeed.' - http://hellnotes.com/humptys-bones-book-review

Kindle (UK): http://www.amazon.co.uk/Humptys-Bones-ebook/dp/B005YXO1SA/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1320937759&sr=1-1
OmniLit Adobe/ePub: http://www.omnilit.com/product-humpty039sbones-624379-241.html



We currently have a few copies of It Lives Again! signed by both the author, Axelle Carolyn, and by film director Neil Marshall, available direct from Telos. Order from the website as per usual and you'll be sent a signed copy while stocks last. We have about 6 copies left of this at the present time.

Order Link: http://www.telos.me.uk/category.php?id=2&s=0&p=1#64

Don't forget that all our limited edition hardbacks are also signed by the authors, as well as being bound in special cloths, or with illustrated self-covers, with a ribbon and coloured endpapers.



We have a number of titles listed in the LAST CHANCE TO BUY section of the Telos website. These are titles which we have only a handful of copies remaining, and which we are not planning to reprint when they are gone. The current list is:

Original and Classic Fiction:
Black Tide by Del Stone Jr
Urban Gothic: Lacuna and Other Trips edited by David J Howe (only around 15 copies left)

Urban Gothic features fiction from Graham Masterton, Christopher Fowler, Simon Clark, Steve Lockley & Paul Lewis, Paul Finch, Debbie Bennett and an introduction by Richard O'Brien, two factual pieces by journalist David Miller about the show and interviews with show writer Tom deVille and producer Steve Matthews.

We also have some of our special signed and numbered limited edition hardbacks available for reduced prices while stocks last. Those currently available are:

A SPECIAL FINAL OFFER OF £20 for each hardback below:
Breathe by Christopher Fowler
Alice's Journey Beyond the Moon by R J Carter
Approaching Omega by Eric Brown
Valley of Lights by Stephen Gallagher

A SPECIAL FINAL OFFER OF £30 for each hardback below:
Shrouded by Darkness edited by Alison L R Davies

Shrouded by Darkness features original and reprint fiction by: Debbie Bennett, Poppy Z Brite, Simon Clark, Storm Constantine, Peter Crowther, Alison L R Davies, Paul Finch, Christopher Fowler, Neil Gaiman, Gary Greenwood, David J Howe, Dawn Knox, Tim Lebbon, Charles de Lint, Steven Lockley & Paul Lewis, James Lovegrove, Graham Masterton, Richard Christian Matheson, Justina Robson, Mark Samuels, Darren Shan and Michael Marshall Smith. With a frontispiece by Clive Barker and a foreword by Stephen Jones.

The hardback edition is originally signed by ALL contributors (including Barker and Gaiman) with the exception of Poppy Z Brite (who is represented with a facsimile signature).

Please visit the LAST CHANCE TO BUY page for click through details to order: http://www.telos.me.uk/lastchance.php



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Please join and let us know what you think of the books, chat about the covers ... anything that takes your fancy really. Often new covers are premiered on the Facebook group, and news and details of reviews and other items of interest across the Web are also shared there.

Please let us know what you think of this Newsletter ... what would you like to see included?

Until next time,

David, Steve and the Telos Team.

Posted by David @ 11:49 am

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