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» Sunday, February 29, 2004


We now have copies of THE DALEK FACTOR, the final DOCTOR WHO novella from Telos, in stock and are currently sorting out the copies for pre-orders and subscribers. After that, we'll get the shop copies sorted. So hopefully books should start arriving next week sometime. Copies of TUNNEL AT THE END OF THE LIGHT, the second TIME HUNTER book, are also now in stock and are being mailed at the same time.


We have just sold out of the hardback of THE WINNING SIDE for individual orders. Demand for this edition was very high and so we have increased the print run on the hardback for TUNNEL AT THE END OF THE LIGHT as a result. We have just one copy of the hardback of THE WINNING SIDE left which will go to the next person who orders it as part of a subscription to the range.


Our acclaimed guide to BLAKE'S 7 is now back in stock after selling out for a second time. With the DVD releases imminent, why not treat yourself to some background reading on the series ...


Finally, it was really good to meet so many people at the Gallifrey convention in LA earlier in Feb. I had a great time and it was nice meeting some new faces (hi Mike and Amy - email me!) as well as catching up with old friends (too many to list). All the feedback on the various Telos books was also much appreciated, and it's good to know that people seem to like what we're doing. We'll be announcing the books for the second half of 2004 sometime soon (as soon as we can finalise schedules) and of course looking forward to 2005 and DOCTOR WHO back on TV.

Posted by David @ 11:06 am

» Saturday, February 07, 2004


We have taken delivery of both standard and deluxe editions of BLOOD AND HOPE and these will be mailed to subscribers and pre-orders over the next couple of weeks. We also have back in stock copies of the BLAKE'S 7 guide LIBERATION.

We're hoping to mail THE DALEK FACTOR and TUNNEL AT THE END OF THE LIGHT around the end of Feburary.


Posted by David @ 2:44 pm

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