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» Saturday, September 17, 2005


Things are hotting up for the release of BACK TO THE VORTEX in October. J Shaun Lyon, the author, is making a rare trip to the UK next week and will be signing stock at both London's Forbidden Planet store (lunchtime on Monday), and the specialist DOCTOR WHO store 10th Planet in Barking on Tuesday. He's also much in demand for radio interviews, and here are some of the stations that you may hear him talking about the book on:

BBC WM 20th September
BBC Radio Bristol 19th September
BBC Radio Oxford 19th September
BBC Hereford and Worcester 19th September
BBC Radio Leicester 20th September
BBC Radio Northampton 20th September
BBC Radio Essex 20th September
BBC Radio Merseyside 20th September
BBC Radio Swindon/Wiltshire 20th September

Shaun will also be at the REGENERATIONS convention in Swansea on the weekend of 24/25 September and Telos will be there selling early copies of the book to attendees. Copies will also be available at the one-day WHO event in Darwen on the 24th September.

We're hoping to start to despatch copies for shops and dealers around the start of October on this title.

Posted by David @ 10:48 am

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