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» Saturday, June 25, 2005


We have today received the final stocks of:

THE TELEVISION COMPANION: The original printing of this acclaimed guide to DOCTOR WHO sold out from us earlier in the year. Now we have reprinted, corrected a few minor glitches in the text, and it's available once more to order.

VALLEY OF LIGHTS Hardback. This is a signed and numbered limited edition of 100 copies in a sandstone covering. The book features the author's preferred edition of the novel, a novella called 'Nightmare, With Angel', an interview with Stephen Gallagher, an introduction by Stephen Laws and an afterword by Gallager, and an exclusive film diary from when VALLEY OF LIGHTS was optioned as a film. The Telos hardback edition is signed by both Gallagher and Laws.

ANOTHER WAR. A classic Alien Invasion story from Simon Morden. With the new WAR OF THE WORLDS film now on release, this is a different take on what happens when the Aliens arrive ... and they bring their God with them.

TIME HUNTER: PECULIAR LIVES. The latest in the highly acclaimed TIME HUNTER series. Philip Purser-Hallard's tale of super-humans spans the centuries and is an affectionate homage to the works of classic SF writer Olaf Stapledon.

Posted by David @ 11:43 am

» Wednesday, June 01, 2005


A couple of news items in advance of getting them on the main page ...

Stephanie Bedwell-Grime's novel FALLEN ANGEL has been nominated for the Aurora Award (the Canadian national award for speculative fiction). The full shortlist is:

Best Long-Form Work in English
* Fallen Angel, Stephanie Bedwell-Grime (Telos Publishing, Nov/2004)
* Survival, Julie E. Czerneda (DAW Books, May/2004)
* Radiant, James Alan Gardner (Eos HarperCollins, 2004)
* Black Brillion, Matthew Hughes (Tor, Nov/2004)
* The Alchemist's Daughter, Eileen Kernaghan (Thistledown Press, Aug/2004)
* Wolf Pack, Edo van Belkom (Tundra Books, 2004)

We wish Stephanie all the best of luck with this nomination. The results are announced in July.

Several Telos titles have been recommended in the ballot for the British Fantasy Awards 2005.

In BEST NOVEL, Stephanie Bedwell-Grime's FALLEN ANGEL makes another appearance while the Telos titles in the BEST NOVELLA category are:

Claire Bott, Time Hunter: The Clockwork Woman (Telos Publications)
Simon Clark, The Dalek Factor (Telos Publications)
Christopher Fowler, Breathe (Telos Publications)

The British Fantasy Awards are announced in October.

Posted by David @ 10:59 am


We have just received some early paperback copies of TIME HUNTER: PECULIAR LIVES and ANOTHER WAR. Copies will be despatched to pre-orders and subscribers shortly. The bulk of the copies (for shops etc) won't be with us until around the end of June.

The majority of copies of THE HANDBOOK (hardback) and TIME HUNTER: ECHOES (hardback) have now been despatched. There are a couple of orders still awaiting a mailing run but these should be sorted in the next week or so. Response to the titles has been good and the hardback edition of THE HANDBOOK seems to have gone down especially well.

Posted by David @ 10:49 am

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