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» Monday, November 24, 2008


A quick update on the new titles from Telos.

Struggling to meet the Christmas deadlines is always a challenge, and this year we have had some success, but also some disappointment.

SILVER SCREAM VOLUME 1 is at the printers at the moment and we have an estimated delivery date of 5 December for that, so hopefully copies will be despatched and arrive in time for Christmas.

MONSTERS WITHIN, the guide to 2008's Doctor Who series, is all ready to go, and we're waiting on some final printing estimates before that goes off. We're hopeful that we'll have that before Christmas as well, but I'll try and keep updates coming here to let people know.

IT LIVES AGAIN is unfortunately the casualty, falling foul of increased printing prices meaning that we can't afford to print in the UK as we had hoped to. Therefore we're looking to print this title overseas which means we won't have copies in time for Christmas. This is something of a disappointment to us all as we really wanted this superb book to be available this year. We want to put some of the layouts from the book online as soon as we can arrange it so people can see what the book is like inside, and I hope this may encourage folks to get their orders in.

Apologies to anyone who was hoping for all these titles this year, but unfortunately circumstances have conspired to make this impossible.

Posted by David @ 8:11 pm

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