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Telos is a publisher-partner of the National Library for the Blind (NLB) - helping to make more books available to visually impaired people.

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» Monday, November 29, 2004


We've just received today some early copies of TIME HUNTER: THE SEVERED MAN paperback (December), FRAILS CAN BE SO TOUGH (December) and APPROACHING OMEGA paperback (January). We have enough to fill the current pre-orders and subscription copies and so we'll be sorting those out this week, but the bulk of the copies are not expected to arrive until right on top of Christmas (I know ... perfect timing) and so it's unlikely at the moment that shops and other distribution outlets will receive their copies before Christmas. However we'll be packing and despatching them as soon as we do receive the books. The hardbacks of SEVERED and OMEGA are therefore likely to be available early February 05.

Posted by David @ 4:57 pm

» Wednesday, November 10, 2004


Last week we took delivery of the finished copies of Stephanie Bedwell-Grime's brilliant fantasy novel FALLEN ANGEL, and the latest Hank Janson reprint KILLER. Copies have now been mailed to all preordering customers.

Today we received the gorgeous hardback edition of TIME HUNTER:KITSUNE and these are being mailed out this week.

Posted by David @ 3:29 pm

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