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Telos is a publisher-partner of the National Library for the Blind (NLB) - helping to make more books available to visually impaired people.

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» Friday, December 24, 2004


We've just received confirmation that the final shipments of THE SEVERED MAN, APPROACHING OMEGA, FRAILS CAN BE SO TOUGH and the new Telos Catalogue will be arriving in the country between Christmas and the New Year. We therefore hope to have copies in early January and will be sending them out to everyone as soon as we get them.


We were delighted to see our horror film guide A VAULT OF HORROR reviewed in the new SFX magazine this week. They describe Keith Topping's rummage through 80 British Horror Films as 'an entertaing wallow in a brilliant world now banished to late night, post-snooker exile' and gave it 4 stars. So if you've not yet picked up a copy at the very reasonable price of £12.99, then treat yourself. We've also noticed that many of the films listed are being shown on late night TV as well ... so there's even more reason to get the book.


Finally, on behalf of Steve, Rosemary, Roger, Debbie and Jenny, and everyone else who helps contribute to Telos Publishing over the year, may I wish all our customers and friends a very merry Christmas and a happy and peaceful new year.

Posted by David @ 11:46 am

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