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Telos is a publisher-partner of the National Library for the Blind (NLB) - helping to make more books available to visually impaired people.

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» Thursday, February 24, 2005


Unfortunately, due to some production problems over the Christmas period, and further delays in the printing, both BEAUTIFUL MONSTERS and THE HANDBOOK have been delayed by a few weeks. I am currently trying to arrange to get some early copies for pre-orders and subscribers as soon as possible, but the bulk of the stock won't be in the UK until the end of March/start of April.


We are currently experiencing massive email difficulties at Telos Towers due to problems with our ISP, NTL. This is affecting our receipt of emails (though we seem to be able to send them OK). Please be patient with us and hopefully NTL will sort out the problems before too long.


The schedule for the July-December 2005 has now been finalised and we'll be posting more information up on the site as soon as we can get the covers and pages sorted out. The new Catalogue will also be uploaded as soon as we have all the information (currently I'm waiting on a final cover image). In the meantime, we've just added a page and news about a new guide to the SF show ANDROMEDA to the site.

Posted by David @ 10:40 am

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