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Telos is a publisher-partner of the National Library for the Blind (NLB) - helping to make more books available to visually impaired people.

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» Saturday, April 17, 2004


Telos is proud to announce the arrival of some new titles. We now have in stock copies of George Mann's extraordinary new science fiction Novella THE HUMAN ABSTRACT, as well as Steve Holland's acclaimed biography of Hank Janson, and the new Janson title WHEN DAMES GET TOUGH.

Copies will be despatched to preordering customers over the next week, and we are arranging for George to sign the copies of THE HUMAN ABSTRACT as well as a thank you to our customers.


SPECTRE and THE WINNING SIDE are currently sold out in paperback, but we are reprinting and expect to get copies in, end of June. Any orders for these titles will therefore be held until we have the books. Hopefully we'll get a note added to any other titles ordered at the same time to let you know this.


Steve Lockley and Paul Lewis' impressive horror novella KING OF ALL THE DEAD has been shortlisted for the Tombstone Award - given for excellence in Small Press horror fiction. Voting is currently taking place.

Jon Blum and Kate Orman's DOCTOR WHO Novella FALLEN GODS has recently won the Aurealis Award for Best Australian Science Fiction Novel ... more information on this as soon as we get it.


We have now finalised Telos' schedules for the second half of 2003 and over the next few weeks details of the titles will start to appear on the site and in the News Feed. There will also be an updated catalogue available to download at some point with all the new titles detailed within it.

Posted by David @ 11:49 am

» Saturday, April 03, 2004


We are now very close to selling out for individual order more of the DOCTOR WHO Novella Deluxe editions (GHOST SHIP is already sold out to individual order). We do however have about 30 same number, full run sets still available for anyone who wants to subscribe to a complete set of these books. Each one is individually signed by the author, the frontispiece artist and the foreword writer, are bound in deluxe metallic and leather effect coverings, include an original piece of full colour frontispiece art, have stitched bindings, silk bookmarks and are printed on acid free paper stock. They're also numbered editions, and as stated above, subscriptions will bring all the books with the same number.

As many of our customers have noted, the production quality of these books is unrivalled, and as they are now selling fast as Telos nears the end of the period in which we can continue to sell them, this is an opportunity to get a guarenteed DOCTOR WHO collectible, as well as a superb set of books.

Subscription and ordering options for the books are available online, and with Telos running a 10% discount offer during April (for which you need the voucher code sent out to all subscribers to our online mailing list at the start of the month), there's no better time to stock up with Telos Publishing.


Out now is the latest Special magazine from TV ZONE which, aside from having Christopher Eccleston on the cover, also contains a 4 page feature on all the Telos Novellas, with comments from David and Stephen as well as from Kim Newman and Simon Clark.

Posted by David @ 9:41 am

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