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» Saturday, January 30, 2010


Steve and David were amazed to realise towards the end of last year, that 2010 actually marks ten years of Telos Publishing!

When we started the company back in 2000, we hoped it might last, but were realistic enough to try and ensure that what we published was of good quality both in terms of writing and physical appearance, in the hope that people would 'buy into' our work and hopefully return to sample other books and projects. Ten years on, and we're pleased and proud with what we have acheived. Well over 100 titles published, many, many pages of fiction and non-fiction put in print, some experimental titles published, but throughout it all, we have been just pleased as punch to have worked with many talented authors and artists who have worked with us on developing their projects into books we hope everyone could be proud of.

We first came to people's notice of course through the range of Doctor Who Novellas which we published under license to BBC Worldwide. We're still so proud of that range of books - some of the best Doctor Who fiction ever published - and of course that enabled us to start publishing other projects and ranges. Along the way our titles have managed to pick up several awards: the Aurealis Award for Best Novel for Fallen Gods, an industry production and design Award for Shell Shock, a British Fantasy Best Novella Award for Breathe, and of course a World Fantasy Award for our publishing work in 2006. There have been many other nominations and shortlisted titles, and we're always overjoyed when our work gets noticed by the people who buy and read it. We do this because we love books, we love publishing, and we love good writing - in whatever genre.

To celebrate ten years as a UK Small Press - and in this time a great many other small presses have come and gone - we are kicking off the year with a celebratory party panel at the Gallifrey One convention in LA at the end of February. This is probably the world's biggest regular Doctor Who convention, and it also embraces other genres too. Unfortunately Steve is unable to attend, but David will be there, and we will have several of our authors at the event. Hopefully attendees will join us at 5pm on the Saturday afternoon to reminisce about the books, and to look forward to the future of Telos. For more information about the event, please visit: http://gallifreyone.com/

After the publication delays of 2009 (caused in part by changes in David's personal life) we will hopefully get back on schedule for 2010. The book on Space:1999 is now published, and the ones on Sapphire and Steel and Silver Scream Vol 2 are due to complete layout imminently and then they too will be off to print. We are on a mission to get Timelink finished this year - and what a MAMMOTH task that is! Over 1400 pages of detailed layout to be considered and executed - and then there's other new titles bubbling under as well which we're looking forward to letting people know about as soon as they are closer to publication.

Telos will be at the annual World Horror Convention in 2010, being held in the UK in Brighton for the first time, and we have two titles being launched there: Simon Clark's amazing new horror novella Humpty's Bones and an inspirational and incredible art book from Vincent Chong called Altered Visions.

Details of other events will be posted on the news pages as they are arranged.

Finally, David and Steve would like to thank all those people who keep Telos ticking over behind the scenes, without whom we wouldn't have been able to achieve what we have. Firstly, Telos's main man when it comes to layout and design, Arnold T Blumberg. Arnold was with us when we started Telos, and has stuck with us doing amazing work on the Toybox books, and even finding time to research and co-write Zombiemania, an in depth guide to zombie movies. Arnold was also the designer on Axelle Carolyn's impressive book about modern horror films, It Lives Again!, the layout of which has been universally praised. Arnold's help and advice has always been valued by us, and we're proud that he's part of our team. Secondly, a shout out to Debbie Bennett, who keeps the online ordering process ticking over for us, and who maintains the customer database. She too has been with us from the start, and is a rock of reliability! Our website would not be half as impressive if not for the work of Roger Anderson who acted as webmaster and guru for many years before stepping down a couple of years back. His place has been taken by Anthony Forth, who continues to keep the site running and updated - a critical part of the team in these online days. Thanks also to Rosemary Howe who handled all the trade ordering, and who also compiles the indexes for our books when they are needed. Her eagle eye has spotted many typos and bloopers over the years! Sam Stone is now looking after the trade side of things, and keeping the books supplied to the shops and distributors who order from us.

Final thanks to all of you, our customers. Without you supporting Telos by buying the books - and from us directly where possible as this ensures that we get enough income to keep the books coming! - we would not be able to continue publishing. So thank you all.

We're looking forward to meeting people at the events this year, and we hope you continue to enjoy and appreciate what we are publishing.

David J Howe and Stephen James Walker
Telos Publishing Ltd

Posted by David @ 1:10 pm

» Tuesday, January 26, 2010


We're pleased to report that Telos' new guide to SPACE:1999 by Robert E Wood is now back from the printers and looking amazing.

Copies will be despatched to everyone who has pre-ordered as soon as we can get them packed, and shop and dealer copies will also be sent out over the next week or so.

Copies are available to buy from Telos direct at: www.telos.co.uk

Posted by David @ 1:37 pm

» Saturday, January 23, 2010


Telos Publishing is pleased to announce the publication of the first collection of multiple award-winning artist Vincent Chong's work


Vincent Chong burst onto the horror and fantasy scene several years ago with a sequence of incredible artworks. Since then he has gone on to provide cover artwork for authors such as Stephen King, and has worked with publishers all around the world, as well as providing illustration for record covers and websites. Now some of his incredible artwork is collected in ALTERED VISIONS.

'Vincent Chong's work is outstanding, it is astonishing. It will capture your attention, perhaps a little part of your soul, too, and don't be surprised if Mister Vincent Chong’s visions steal into your midnight dreams.' ­ From the Introduction by Simon Clark

ALTERED VISIONS is being published by Telos Publishing as an A5, full colour hardback edition. The book is additionally signed by Vincent Chong and Simon Clark, and is being published for the World Horror Convention 2010. Copies are expected to be limited, so please order soon to avoid disappointment.

ISBN: 978-1-84583-053-3
£30.00 hardback
48 pages printed on high quality silk art paper
Full colour throughout
www.telos.co.uk (in the ORIGINAL AND CLASSIC FICTION section)


Vincent Chong was born in 1981 in Manchester, England. According to his parents he started drawing from the age of two, but it has only been the past few years that he has been working as a professional freelance Illustrator and Designer.

His work has popped up on book and CD covers, magazines and websites around the world and he has been known to pick up the odd award or two.

Since his early days of drawing mutant turtles and ghost-busting heroes in pen on scraps of paper for friends, he has evolved his illustration technique into a style that combines the use of graphic software and photography with traditional painting and drawing methods.

He currently lives alone in Newcastle-upon-Tyne in a self-imposed, semi-hermitic existence so that he can focus on producing more artwork for your viewing pleasure.

Posted by David @ 9:29 am

» Saturday, January 16, 2010


We regret to announce that, due to a lack of pre-orders for the title, we're not going to be able to publish the two special editions of Simon Clark's new novella HUMPTY'S BONES. The paperback edition will be going ahead, and will now contain all the content previously announced for the hardback: the original novella HUMPTY'S BONES plus an introduction by Simon; and a new long short story called DANGER SIGNS, plus an introduction by Simon to that as well.

The Vincent Chong art book which was announced as part of the special traycased edition will now be published as a book in its own right by Telos, and I'll add news about that as soon as the layouts have been finalised. But it's looking as stunning and as spectacular as you would expect from something which is being designed by Vincent himself.

Both titles will be launched at the World Horror Convention 2010 which is taking place in Brighton at the end of March.

Posted by David @ 12:48 pm

» Thursday, January 14, 2010


Very pleased to report that Mantaray Pictures have nominated Axelle Carolyn's analysis of modern horror, IT LIVES AGAIN, as book of the year on their website.

In their review they say:

It Lives Again! Horror Movies in the New Millennium is an amazing book. I've never seen a book that covered the current crop of horror films going back over the last decade with such thoroughness and timeliness. Better than that, Axelle Carolyn talks about pretty much all mini and major releases. Just open up the book to the inner cover to see the awesome layout that features posters alphabetically of almost every horror film released over the past ten years, spread over the front and back flaps.

The book has really beautiful photos printed on heavy gloss paper. The typeset and layout is eye catching and very easy to red. Carolyn and her publishers have selected imagery that is atmospheric, creepy, terrifying and at times graphic. In other words, something for every fan of horror.

Axelle Carolyn starts each chapter (year of the decade) with an overview of the biggest socio/political/economic events that certainly influenced the movies being made at the time. Then she goes into sub-chapters to talk about the independent horror films, Hollywood major studio releases as well as attention to international pictures from Britain, Spain, Australia, Asia, etc.

Carolyn lets you know which movies she feels stand out and the reasons why, as well as the ones that aren't so good. She does this with brevity and has a pretty even keeled stance.

Whether you are a newbie to horror or a lifelong fan, It Lives Again! Horror Movies in the New Millennium delivers big time.

Details can be found on the Mantaray website here: http://www.mantaraypictures.com/bestof2009.htm

Copies are available from Telos Publishing at www.telos.co.uk, or can be ordered from any Bookshop.

Posted by David @ 1:52 am

» Friday, January 08, 2010


A quick update on this title ... it's gone to print! Hopefully therefore we'll have finished copies sometime mid-February, barring any further delays. Apologies to everyone who has been waiting patiently for this title, and of course all the pre-orders will be despatched as soon as we get the books back from the printers.

Here's the full cover:

As well as containing the full behind the scenes story of Space: 1999, and detailed information on all of the stories, the book contains an 8 page full colour photo section of some of Martin Bower's incredible models for the series. It's also got around 500 pages in it which makes it quite an impressive tome.

Copies are available for pre-order on the Telos website.

Posted by David @ 5:56 pm

» Friday, January 01, 2010


David and Stephen wish all Telos's customers a peaceful and a happy new year.

Posted by David @ 11:16 am

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