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» Monday, February 23, 2009


Saturday 14th February saw a number of Telos authors heading over to the totally fab Dark Delicacies store in Burbank, LA for a small launch for the new title Silver Scream, as well as signings of The Target Book and Zombiemania, plus Sam Stone signing copies of her novel Killing Kiss (available from the House of Murky Depths).

Sam Stone, David J Howe, Steve Hill and Arnold T Blumberg
We arrived as the previous signees were clearing up - several very attractive young ladies from Strippers and Corpses magazine (!) - and once they had packed away the rotting corpse they had brought with them, we took over the tables.

As usual, Sue and Del, the owners, were fabulous and while signing copies we chatted about the state of horror fiction and the quest for truly 'horrific' short stories for the anthologies which Del edits, while enjoying the complimentary drinks.

David J Howe
The signing was over all too soon, and before leaving we browsed the store which was, as usual, crammed with all manner of horror goodness.

Thanks to Del and Sue for their hospitality and for flying the flag of horror so wonderfully. Long may they continue!

Posted by David @ 6:51 pm

» Saturday, February 21, 2009


The long-delayed exploration of Doctor Who continuity, Jon Preddle's Timelink, is finally set to be published later this year, and we have just had the cover completed.

The artist is the amazingly talented Iain Robertson, and hopefully the cover sums up all that the book is about: dates and times and continuity between Doctor Who, Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures.

As soon as we have a firm publication date for the book, then this will be announced.

Posted by David @ 7:25 pm

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