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Telos is a publisher-partner of the National Library for the Blind (NLB) - helping to make more books available to visually impaired people.

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» Monday, November 12, 2007


The launch and signing for THE TARGET BOOK went very well indeed, despite the tube stations being closed or lines not running, a NHS march in Central London closing half the roads, the pub not having a downstairs bar, and no seating upstairs.

It was great to see folks involved in the book range together, and all were happy to sign books for those who made it along.

From Left to Right: Colin Howard; Jeff Cummins; Nigel Robinson; Tony Clark; Steve Kyte; Terrance Dicks; Tim Neal; and David J Howe (standing).


We have today received the hardbacks for THIRD DIMENSION and TALKBACK 3 ... unfortunately there is a problem with the hardbacks for CHILD OF TIME which we are looking to get resolved and so these are still not available.

We'll be sorting out all the pre-orders this week on those that we do have.

Posted by David @ 8:43 pm

» Saturday, November 10, 2007


Just a quick update on things. We have been spending the last week sorting out and packing up all the copies of THE TARGET BOOK from direct orders, and also getting them out to the distributors and shops as well. We're taking all that we have managed to get done this week to the post office this morning. Unfortunately we have also just run out of packing materials and so as soon as we get them restocked next week, we'll continue getting the books out to people.

The hardback editions of TALKBACK 3, THIRD DIMENSION and CHILD OF TIME have been delayed again, and we're now expecting copies early next week, so those too will be processed as soon as we get them in.

I'll also be sending out the contributor and review copies of all the recent books as soon as I can - apologies to everyone for the delay on this. As you can imagine there is a lot of work to process the books and we're getting through them as quickly as we can.

It was great to see people at the Daleks' Master Plan stage play, and also at the launch signing for THE TARGET BOOK, and at the signing with Tom Baker and Peter Davison on Monday at The Stamp Centre. I should also be at a DOCTOR WHO event in Newbury on the 18th November, and then at Chicago TARDIS over the weekend of 23rd November, so hopefully I'll meet more people at those events.

Posted by David @ 10:49 am

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