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» Sunday, October 28, 2007


Just a quick update on the status of THE TARGET BOOK. We have now received the stocks of the paperback, and the mailing boxes arrived today as well, so we'll be able to get copies off to everyone who has ordered it from us. I'm hopeful that we might be able to start to do this from tomorrow (Tuesday)so people get their copies before the launch/signing on Saturday.

Orders for shops and dealers will be packaged up this week, but as these are despatched via a mailing company, it's unlikely that copies will be sent before Friday, meaning that they will arrive the following week.

The hardback editions are now ready, and are on their way to me via UPS (and you really don't want to know what the cost to ship the hardback copies via UPS are!) to arrive hopefully middle of this week, in time for the launch signing.


We are also expecting/hoping that the hardback editions of TALKBACK 3 and CHILD OF TIME will arrive this Wednesday, and this is also the date for the paperback and hardback editions of THIRD DIMENSION. So apart from meaning that we'll have no floor space left on Wednesday, it means that we should have copies of all the titles available for the launch.


Posted by David @ 11:31 am

» Saturday, October 20, 2007


Telos Publishing is celebrating the publication of THE TARGET BOOK, the history of the Doctor Who Target Book range with a signing event in East London. All are welcome to come along to meet authors David J Howe and Tim Neal, along with top Target scribe Terrance Dicks, plus as many Target cover artists, editors and writers as we can cram into the venue including Andrew Skilleter, Nigel Robinson, Tony Clark, Colin Howard, Jeff Cummins and hopefully many more. The venue is Mr Pickwick's, 70 Leman Street, London E1 8EU. Nearest Tube stations are Tower Hill and Aldgate East. The event starts at 3pm on Saturday 3rd November.

David J Howe will also be signing copies of the book, alongside fourth Doctor Tom Baker, and actress Nichola McAuliffe ('Vivien Rook' in the Doctor Who episode 'The Sound of Drums') on Monday 5th November at The Stamp Centre, 79 Strand, London WC2R 0DE. The signing event starts at around 10:00am.

Here's a pic of the deluxe hardback edition of the book. Bound in a soft white leatherette covering, with a three colour foil 'target' logo on the front. It has a blue ribbon, gold metal corner protectors and is limited to 100 numbered copies.

Each will be signed by David J Howe and Tim Neal, and hopefully additionally by Terrance Dicks and anyone else I can persuade to sign at the launch event.

Posted by David @ 3:48 pm


A quick update on the status of several titles.

First of all, THE TARGET BOOK. This seems to be much anticipated, but we have experienced a few delays in the shipping. We are currently expecting to receive copies around the end of October in both the softcover and limited hardback editions. We are aiming to have them both available for the launch party, more about which I will post later today.

THIRD DIMENSION, in both paperback and hardback edition has also suffered a few delays and we are likewise expecting these to arrive end of October now. The cover for the hardback is spectacular and here it is:

The hardback editions of CHILD OF TIME and TALKBACK 3 are expected to arrive with us imminently - there was yet another delay on supplying the material to cover TALKBACK 3 with which has caused the problem there.

Finally, we were sorry to have to announce to everyone who had ordered it, that the hardback edition of FALL OUT had to be cancelled, simply because there was not enough support for the title through the orders both direct from Telos and from the various specialist shops and stores. Sometimes this happens, that a title that you think will do well in a limited hardback just doesn't seem to find the interest. So we're sorry about that, and everyone who had ordered it should by now have been contacted about a refund for that.

Posted by David @ 10:53 am

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